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" It's More Than Another Job, It's A Quality Job "

" It's More Than Another Job, It's A Quality Job "

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If you're noticing the whitening of the asphalt, cracks and stains on your pavement, it might be time for a new seal for your driveway or parking lot. If asphalt left untreated, it will deteriorate overtime. It only takes about 2 years to notice this deterioration. Call 412-848-9060 today for a FREE estimate on what it will cost to re-seal your area of need today!

Superior Paving & Backhoe Service, Inc. add a new walkway or porch to your home at an AFFORDABLE price! If you're already ordering a new driveway with us, you might as well get all of your outdoor services taken care of by a name you can trust.

Experts in concrete work

• Oxidation from sunlight

• Rain

• Snow

• Frost

• Extreme cold weather

• Dripping from vehicles

• Road salt

What causes pavement deterioration?

We have a 1-year warranty on material and workmanship.

(excluding Seal Coating work)

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